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About HCI

Established in 1969, Holdsworth Construction, Inc (HCI) has been a family-owned company for three generations. Our expertise extends to high end custom homes, small to large residential remodels, and commercial building renovations.

We have offices in Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Come work for a great company!

Why Work at HCI?

Established Company

Established in 1969, Holdsworth Construction has been a family-owned company for three generations.

Competitive Pay

Pay at Holdsworth is based on your attitude, attendance, and aptitude.

Take Pride In Your Work

Over the years we have built the reputation of upholding our core principles and delivering the best quality and value for our clients.

Bonus Potential

Performance-based bonuses. Go the extra mile, and Holdsworth will go the extra mile for you.

Paid Time Off

PTO starts accruing on day 1, and can be used after the first 90 days.

Company Truck

Some positions qualify for having a company truck and gas card.

HCI Core Values


Use your R&I (Resources and Initiative)

Stop, assess, plan, execute.


Be the best you can be. Inspire others to want to be the best they can be.

Lead yourself in a way that inspires and creates the next leader.


Do the small things well

Small things will turn into big problems. Take care of the little things.


Make each day your masterpiece

You can’t change yesterday, you can only plan for tomorrow. Make now exactly what you want it to be.


Be quick, but don't hurry

We have to be efficient in how we work. Don’t leave out the details.


Do your best when your best is required. Your best is required each day.

Put your best effort in everything you do. It’s always faster to do it right once than to do it twice.


Failure is not an option

The work we commit to must be completed at the level of quality HCI is expected to deliver..

HCI Core Trades

(the work we self-perform)

The Disciplines below are broken down by skill level. Pay rate is based on experience.


Skill Level Requirements:

1 – Perform the demo work. ie remove drywall, break concrete, haul to dumpster.

2 – Identify any structural components within the planned demolition.

3 – Assess the structural impact and create a process/plan to mitigate the support needs of the structure.

4 – Complete a material take-off, communicate the details of what will be done to temporarilly support the structure, then build the support to plan, and confirm it’s adequate and safe.


Skill Level Requirements:

1 – Move material around site efficiently, read a tape measure, operate power tools, place framing members in correct layout.

2 – Understand rough openings and how to properly lay out the material to build the opening. Understand and pull standard layout on top and bottom plate.

3 – Pull and complete full layout on walls with properly sized rough openings, interior wall tie-ins, and confirm the proper plate elevations for stud lengths, sill plates and header heights.

4 – Review plans to find window and door schedule to create header cut-list, cut and place top and bottom plates in their corresponding locations. Mark out RO locations and sizes for layout. Build, tilt up, and connect walls square, parellel and straight to each other.

5 – Full understanding of the plans, find and address any discrepancies in the critical details found in the floor plan. Lay out and snap lines for all interior and exterior walls. 

6 – Run full crew with little to no supervision. Solve and correct most problems. Be aware of budget and schedule to stay on time and within or under budget. Capable of laying out roof trusses, both Hip and Gable style construction. Also lay out and complete all overframing where needed to ensure proper roof drainage.

Trim Carpentry

Skill Level Requirements:

1 – Be detail oriented, able to measure, cut and run base and door casing to within 1/16″. Complete sanding in the proper manner that does not create an uneven surface in the material or swirl marks in the finish.

2 – Hang doors that have a clean reveal, latch properly, and can swing level. Install all needed hardware properly and efficiently.

3 – Install standard millwork cabinetry including level base and uppers that are hung square, in line, and in accordance to the shop drawings issued for the project.

4 – Install architectural millwork and be able to fabricate and install custom woodwork on site.

5 – Install stain grade trim with a tolerance of 1/32″. Apply finishes on site, follow all plans and problem-solve most issues as they arise.

6 – Design and complete material take-offs, order all material needed, and mill rough lumber with milling equipment to build custom features from raw lumber within spec. Apply all types of finishes with HVLP, or airless sprayer.


Skill Level Requirements:

1 – Remove or add fill to proper grade. Properly muck concrete in front of screed so there are no low or high spots in the slab as the concrete is poured.

2 – Screed concrete to grade, bull float, tool edges, work in control joints, and final finish (exposed, brushed, smooth).

3 – Lay out form work, set grade, and install form work to plan that will properly support the weight of the concrete and leave a straight edge to finish to.

4 – Complete material take off, order, and schedule pour with little to no suprvision.


Drywall Patches and Repair

Skill Level Requirements:

1 – Cut and hang drywall.

2 – Complete small patches and match texture.

3 – Tape joints and nail holes.

4 – Sand, apply new and/or match texture in most types of finishes.


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